The Wilderness

The wilderness along the Galinia coast is wonderful in its diversity and appearance. The main plant growth is the ubiquitous scrub bushes, normally a mixture of Gorse, Barberry, Buckthorn and Rosemary, which makes the area both fragrant and fresh for most of the year. These bushes grow together in great clumps reaching the height of the tallest man, and make the area difficult to travel.

Occasionally there are small copses of stunted Crab Apple and Dwarf Pine trees that provide firewood and cover. Travelling away from the path can greatly reduce the amount of ground covered in a day, some say you can only travel half the normal distance, although other (and perhaps wiser) heads say that some times you might only manage one fourth of the distance.

Interspersed with these bush mounds and copses grow a number of other plants. These include the Rosebay Willowherb, with its spear shaped leaves and red flowers; The Buck's Horn with its grass like appearance and small star shaped flowers; Ramsons with its light green leaves ands star shaped flowers, who's roots taste as Garlic; the large leafed Rhubarb; Jimson Weed with its jagged toothed oval leaves and evil smelling flowers; and the common or garden Thistle.

The wildlife in the area is just as diverse. As well as the ubiquitous Seagull, there are Crows, Rooks and Magpies, as well as many small songbirds such as the Dunnock, the Redstart, the Oriole and the Starling. The only recognised game bird that inhabits this area is the Pheasant with its distinctive plumage and white neck ring.

There are families of wild pigs that make their homes in some of the bush mounds and herds of the small Rufus Deer that live amongst them. Rabbits and Weasels live in the drier slightly hilled areas. You might also encounter Wolves, Scorpions, Bears and Goats in this region.

The ground rises and falls in soft and gentle low hills and shallow valleys. The lower areas are generally damp and often have standing water or small streams, while the higher ground is dry and makes perfect burrows for the rabbits and weasels that inhabit them.